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Flower from junk box computer parts

Flower from junk box computer parts

The perfect gift! These have been very popular as desk ornaments, or on a window sill. great for anyone who uses a computer in their jobs or for fun. I have been making these for a while now, and whenever I go to craft shows, they are the first thing to sell.

You need:
Glue. I prefer GOOP, but Super Glue could work as well.
1 dead hard drive
1 floppy drive
9 floppy disks
about a foot of large gauge copper wire
about a foot thin gauge copper wire
brass (or any thin metal) sheet

Various implements of destruction. such as:
needle nose pliers
set of very small torx or hex wrenches
selection of screwdrivers, phlips and flat
Soldering iron


If this is your first time doing disassembly of a floppy and hard drives, some Advil may be in order as well. Finding that last stubborn screw can be a test of the soul. luckily, we don’t have to be all that gentile on our disassembly.

For the CD and Floppy drives, I usually prefer laptop drives, but desktop drives will work as well.

Most, if not all of this can be substituted by stuff that is the right shape or size. Be creative!

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