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Flashlight Without Batteries

Flashlight Without Batteries

In this project, you will make a flashlight that works without batteries. Even more amazing, you can recharge it in three minutes and it will run for more than 24 hours. Because the ultra capacitors can be recharged thousands of times, you may save the environment from ever receiving an old flashlight in the trash system.
Parts List
(2) 220 farad capacitors,, #589-1013-nd
Insulated wire, black and red
LED, high brightness,, #217525
12″ x 12″ acrylic plastic sheet, 1/8″ thick
Permanent marker
(2) C clamps
1/4″ jack, Radio Shack, #374-280
Metallic tape
SPST roc
ker switch, Radio Shack, #275-693
Electrical Tape


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