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Five Best Oscilloscopes for Your Home Lab

Five Best Oscilloscopes for Your Home Lab

3) SainSmart NOTE II ARM DS202 Portable Mini Digital Storage Oscilloscope

What to say about this wonderfully built, portable, handheld digital oscilloscope from SainSmart. The ARM DS202 comes with a whole new interface with a convenient operative functionality. It fulfils the electronics demands of school electronics labs, home labs, and all the electronic engineering requirements.


  • It is a two-channel digital storage oscilloscope which comes with a 320 x 240 color display
  • It has an analog bandwidth of 1MHz with a 10MHz sample rate
  • With an SD card and USB support, it is a fully portable DSO having a light weight design
  • The included probe may not work as expected, so you better prepare for getting the external probe from elsewhere

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4) Tektronix 1052B Dual Channel Digital Oscilloscope


The TBS1052B digital oscilloscope is from the TBS1000B series oscilloscopes designed and manufactured by Tektronix. With a bandwidth range of 30 to 200MHz, a rise time of 2.5ns, and a sample rate of 2GS/s, it is capable of doing automatic measurements and offers user-friendly functions.



  • It comes with a TFT 7” color WVGA display
  • It is not equipped with a cooling fan, means it generates lower noise and provides more reliability, for longer runs it may need some resting time, though
  • Comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Sometimes it may not auto-detect the probes, and the inputting things may make your life harder

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5)  Funny DIY Expert DSO138 Digital Welded Oscilloscope


Last but not the least, the DSO138 oscilloscope from Funny DIY Expert is the cheapest among all and most favorable for getting a training in electronics product designs, doing some tinkering experiments at your home lab, and providing electronics education in the institutes for a great success rate, the DSO138 oscilloscope from Funny DIY Expert will be a perfect choice. It comes in the welded form, so you can use it directly.


  • It comes with detailed introduction to schematics, electronics products instructions, and welded elements
  • It uses a cortex ARM processor and comes with a 24-inch color TFT display
  • It has an analog bandwidth ranging from 0 to 200 KHz and real-time sampling rate of max 1Msps with the accuracy of 12Bit
  • You may get wrong settings while resetting the oscilloscope, so better to check them all before using it.

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Note: The DSO138 is cheaper than the other DSOs in this list and so if you are a budget-sensitive person or do not want to risk your money for the experimental purchase of an oscilloscope, then you should go for this.

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