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Empty Water Detector

Empty Water Detector

This project is an empty water detector to tell you when the water is gone from a vessel originally, I designed it for a christmas tree, but it will work for your dogs water bowl or just about anything else.
Parts list
220k Resistor
Small Perfboard
2N3906 Transistor
2x or 3x AA Battery holder
3mm Red LED
Extra wire for the probes
First, gather all your materials. If you’ve ordered the kit from Gadget Gangster, your project will come with a halfboard – put the halfboard in your vice, as shown in the picture. You’ll also need a soldering iron and 2 AA batteries
Add the resistor from M3 to N7.
Bend out the leads on the other side of the board, flip the board over and solder the resistor down, and trim off the excess wire


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