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Elevator Lights Without the Elevator

Elevator Lights Without the Elevator

Thegoals for the project were:to have the lights easily relocatable,to have a switch to control on and off as well as the direction of the arrow, and for the lights to be safe and reliable.This project has saved from a landfill what is now a unique and simple bit of functional decoration.
This step describes how to add L brackets to the lights for mounting them to the wood back. Assembling the Mounts
The author used an L bracket, a long bolt, and a nut to create mounts. The second picture shows how these pieces go together.

Attaching the Mounts
After assembling the mounts you should use the masking tape to hold the mounts in place. Then you should epoxy the sides and edges of the L bracket. After that has had time to set you should epoxy the bottom of the bolt to the light box so that the bolts stay straight.

Neater Epoxy
If you want the epoxy to be neater then you can use masking tape as you would in painting. Simply mask around the areas you are going to epoxy. After you apply the epoxy wait several minutes and remove the masking tape. The amount of time you should wait will vary based on what particular epoxy you use so I recommend testing on some scrap first.


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