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Electric Umbrella

Electric Umbrella

Turn an ordinary umbrella into something whimsical and magical. The Electric Umbrella will glow with many pinpoints of light. Carry the sun and the stars with you at night.Perfect for night-time strolls through the countryside or just being silly. And it’s dimmer adjustable so you can set how bright you want to be – anywhere from dim ambient light for strolling in the dark to carrying your own portable supernova beacon of light.
One umbrella, preferably light colored .
64 SMD (surface mount) LEDs in your color of choice.
A spool of thin single strand, lacquered copper wire.
3AA battery holder, preferably compact and arranged in an L shape
Normal plastic coated multi-strand copper wire, preferably the kind that will not break easily after repeated flexing.
One 750 Ohm variable resistor with built-in on/off switch for dimming and turning the umbrella on & off.
Needle and thread (of the same color as the umbrella)
Solder and Soldering iron/gun
Wire cutters, wire strippers, scissors, x-acto knife
Drill and drill bits
Large board and small nails, to be used for laying out the wires and soldering the SMD LEDs onto the wires.
Masking tape and double sided tape/carpet tape
Clear epoxy or Glue, super-glue
Carefully soldering 64 individual LEDs, each not much larger than a grain of sand onto thin and uncooperative wires takes patience.
All the LED spokes connect to a center hub near the tip/center of the umbrella. The tricky part is assembling this outside of the umbrella first and then carefully fitting it into the umbrella between the spokes and the cloth.
Loosely place the hub and the mess of wires near the center of the umbrella, then carefully start sliding the hub under the umbrella’s spines so it runs around the center shaft and rests between the cloth and the spines. Carefully slide the strings of LEDs under the spines until you have two strings in each 1/8th section of the umbrella.
Now attach the LED strings to the cloth. Carefully stretch out the wires outwards towards the edges of the umbrella.
In order to add the on/off & dimmer control in the umbrella’s handle, you need to drill some holes and run wires down the umbrella’s shaft.
Lastly, attach the battery clip to the shaft.


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