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This project describes an innovative multimedia thermometer of great visual impact where the temperature is shown on an ordinary TV with crisp, full color graphics.To add more magic, pictures can be animated, and stereo CD-quality audio announcements can accompany every temperature change.Pictures can be varied according to the application
Despite of its rich feature set, the DVD-thermometer is an amazingly simple design that requires very few components thanks to an ingenious mechanism. And it is hundreds of dollars cheaper than the typical PC-centric solution.


The circuit is battery operated, and fits comfortably a small plastic box, located in front of an ordinary DVD-player. A switch and an infrared LED peep out of the box. The DVD-player is loaded with a disk, pre-recorded with all of the pictures corresponding to different temperatures, in a well-known order. Acting as an intelligent infrared remote control, the DVD-thermometer directs the player, selecting the scene that matches ambient temperature.

Even if you are not interested in taking temperatures, the basic techniques can be adapted for displaying any sort of data. They are worth to be added to your bag of tricks, just in case. Along the way, you can collect some very valuable, very reusable software modules, like:

•a versatile programmable pulse generator
•an I2C bus driver
•and a RECS80 remote control transmitter.

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