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Duo Modifications

Duo Modifications

I got into a “Duo mania” a while back, and now have enough parts for several units. It has been fun playing around with these simple sub-notebooks and seeing how they are put together.

Before I start, let me say there is a very good list server for Duo and powerbook 2400 topics that you can join by going to and finding the correct link. The listerver has been a great source of information about Duos.

If you want to see the King of Duo modifications, I suggest take a look at this link:

What I set out to do was much simpler. There are 6 things I will describe on this page:

– Overclocking your Duo

– Cleaning your Duo keyboard

– Changing the CAPS LOCK light to a red LED

– Adding a hard drive activity light


– Adding a ADB port in place of the modem

– Repairing the AC adapter port

Overclocking your Duo: All duos either have a 68030, 68040 or PPC 603 CPUs. While all of them can be overclocked, the CPUs in the Duo 210, 230, 250, 280 , and 280c do not have FPUs and are a little easier to overclock successfully.

With a little soldering you can get a small speed increase. 33 MHz CPUs should be able to go to 40 MHz or more (your mileage may vary though), and the 25 MHz Duo 210 is probably good to go to 30 MHz. However, it is reported that overclocking a Duo can cause the modem port to stop working. One person reported this happening when he overclocked to 40 MHz. My 280c duo at 37.5 MHz seems to be functioning just fine.

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