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DS1621 PC Thermometer Requires No External Supply

DS1621 PC Thermometer Requires No External Supply

Here is a tiny DS1621 based PC thermometer using PC RS232 port for transferring data and getting the power. It displays the measured temperature on the taskbar. It plugs in any free PC com port.
The software allows data logging. You can set the sampling rate at 1 reading per 1,5,30 or 60 seconds
The circuit uses the com port power by regulating the voltage with LM2936Z-5.0 regulator. So no external power supply is needed.
The circuit is easy to build an includes no programmable device such as a microcontroller. There is no calibration process you have to apply.
DS1621 uses the I2C protocol for communication. The project page provides detailed information about the data transfer, PC software and construction. PCBs for both SMD type and thru-hole parts are available.


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