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DIY Reverse Polarity TNC

DIY Reverse Polarity TNC

How to reverse the components so that you end up with an RP-TNC plug and an RP-TNC jack and the best bit is that minimal tools are required and about 30 minutes of time.
I bought an RP-TNC to N male cable 2 foot long from them and whilst the service and delivery was good, the cost of carriage to the UK was more than the cable assembly itself. The total was around $40 or £30 give or take a bit!

I have not found a UK supplier yet of the appropriate RP-TNC connectors, both RS Components and Farnell only do a fairly limited range of standard connectors but this got me thinking about how different normal polarity bits were compared with reverse polarity.


Tools Required:-
Sharp knife (just a basic craft knife, nothing special)
Small file (optional but helps tidy things up a bit)
Electric drill (I used a standard household drill, my dremel tool didn’t have a suitable chuck but if you have one, try it. A modelling lathe would be luxury!)

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