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DIY LED Lighting

DIY LED Lighting

Cheap and easy LED ligting you can build for your computer case that requires very little experience (and very little money).


A Spare 4 Pin Molex Connector
2x 5mm LED Lights (3.6 volts)
Soldering Iron and Solder
Hot Glue Gun
Wire Cutter
Plastic Tubing/Loom
Zip Ties

Start off by taking your molex connector and cut away the two black, middle wires at the female end of the plug. A molex connector will have 2 ends two it: One male and one female. In the picture below, the plug that is on top is male, and the one on bottom is female.


The four wires: red, black, black, and yellow, have different voltages from one another. I am going to call the black wire nearest to the red wire the red black wire, and the other black wire the yellow black wire. The red and red black wire together should have around 5 volts.

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