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DIY Infrared Security Camera

DIY Infrared Security Camera

I just wanted to take a webcam and make it infrared, but in the process of disassembly i destroyed the lens. in my search for a replacement lens, the idea grew to use a camcorder so that i could use the zoom feature. i played around with the idea and this is what it turned out to be.
As you look over my project, i’m sure you say things like “Why did he do this..” and “He could have done that instead…” or even “What was he thinking??” well, i just used what i had and did it in the time frame set aside for it. i am always open for comments and suggestions. at the end i will list ideas that i would have like to have done or things i would have changed so that you could have the opportunity to make yours better.


the reason i call it a security camera is because it really cant be used for much else.

so here we go


camcorder – working or not, you’ll just use the lens assembly
infrared LEDs, or IR illuminator board kit
computer power supply case, or any other type project box
power supply, i used a 12v (from printer) and a 6v (from cell phone charger)
misc switches
wire, solder, rubberband
nuts, bolts, scrap metal (for making/mounting brackets)
hot glue, blank cds (the clear plastic ones)
IR filter- make out of 35mm negatives, find the black part at the beginning of the strip

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