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DIY High-Speed Book Scanner

DIY High-Speed Book Scanner

There is some truly fantastic knowledge and information hidden out there in hard to find, rare, and not commercially viable books,Digital books change the landscape . After suffering through scanning many of my old, rare, and government issue books, to create a book scanner that anybody could make, And that is what this instructable is all about
built two of these things now, and this instructable covers the best parts of both of them. You can build a book scanner using only hand tools plus a drill. realized that not everyone is comfortable with using all the different hand tools you might need to make it. So I scanned a book on using hand tools that should answer all your questions.


may have to remove this if there are too many downloads. Please note that these were taken before the scanner and software were complete. Scans from the final system are much nicer

> We have written some open-source, free software to convert the images from your scanner into PDFs. It’s currently in a rough alpha stage, and needs a pretty fast computer to get things done. It works on Macs and PCs. Help us improve it! This software is covered on step

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