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DIY HID Flashlight for your car or truck

DIY HID Flashlight for your car or truck

Usually we show up at night and have to set up camp in the dark. This can get pretty frustrating using just regular flashlights and using car headlights is difficult to move around.A way to make a HID flashlight that has become very useful for not only camping but is a great tool to keep in the car in case of emergencies
– Big flashlight that uses a 6V H3 Bulb:
– 25 ft extension cord:
– Cigarette lighter plug (comes with flashlight):
– H3 HID bulb:
– HID Ballast:
– 1 Large Zip Tie:
– 1 Small Zip Tie:
– Soldering iron:
The first step is to open up the flash light, this is done by twisting off the black ring around the bulb/reflector. Once you have that open, you need to disconnect the current bulb by disconnecting one spade connector (White wire) and unscrewing the black wire:
Remove the bulb by popping out the wire holder. Then take you new HID bulb and put in place and replace the wire holder bending it around the new bulb.:


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