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DIY Digital Picture Frame

DIY Digital Picture Frame

It is a DIY Digital Picture Frame made from the frame that would fit a Jukebox and the SD card inside it.
The frame
This is the metal front of the garage sale picture frame with the glass removed.
The box front
This is the box part of the picture frame. It fits the jukebox perfectly. The author had cut a rectangle where the screen and controls are and placed some bubblewrap inside to prevent the jukebox from falling out, but it fits snugly insdie so it shouldn’t be a problem.
The box backside.
Note the author cut a hole so that he can turn the Jukebox on and off inside the box.
The final result
This is the easy cheesy digital picture frame!
Notice that he added some bkack duct-tape (taped back to back) to hide the red of the jukebox frame. You could paint your jukebox the same colour as the box and achieve a better result.
Have fun!


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