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Dipole Antenna calculator

Dipole Antenna calculator

This calculator is designed to give the length of a particular dipole antenna, or one side of it, for the frequency chosen.A simple dipole antenna can be used for improved FM broadcast signals. A dipole is basically a length of conductor or wire split into two portions and signal is taken off at the split. It has a nominal 3 dB gain over an isotropic source and is directional, tending to favor signals broadside to the wire.
The dipole is customarily an electrical half wavelength of wire at the frequency of interest, since the impedance under this condition is theoretically 72 ohms resistive and is a good match to a 50-75 ohm source or load generally presented by interfacing equipment such as receivers and transmitters designed to work into this range of impedances.
Enter the desired frequency and select the desired calculation from the drop box. Click on Calculate and the optimum length for that combination will be displayed in feet and inches.


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