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CVS Camcorder based night vision

CVS Camcorder based night vision

This is home-built night vision that was originally a CVS one-time-use video camera. The resolution is awful compared to real NVG tubes. The whole project didn’t cost much more than $35 and uses common cheap AA batteries.
RE-USE THE CAM: First it had to have USB added to take videos off. I prefer to do this by sticking a male connector right out of the side of the camera instead of a port. 

MAKE IT INFRARED: Then the infrared filter was removed. I found instructions somewhere on the camerahacks forum for doing this; it’s extremely easy. You unscrew the lens on the ccd and use a knife blade to pry the infrared filter out, then screw the main lens back on (to the exact same spot it was at originally to maintain focus). Now the camera can see in infrared light (and visible light, but with night vision you want anything you can get). All you need to be night vision is an illuminator. This is wicked easy to do with IR LED’s.


GET LED’s: Here’s my first setup. It was just a scope that you’d hold up, and it used four IR LED’s from Radioshack for illumination. Don’t go buy these! They are not very good and outrageously priced! They cost $2 each, but if you get them from you get them for a little over 20 cents (and they are much better, you can get nice narrow-angle ones for a lot of distance).

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