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Create your IoT project with obniz – a cloud connected development board

Create your IoT project with obniz – a cloud connected development board

Obniz from CambrianRobotics, Tokyo, is a cloud connected IoT development board. A unique feature of the Obniz is that you can program on the web browser of any smartphone or computer and the command is sent to obniz through internet. By connecting the Obniz to the cloud through wifi, users can  remotely control devices that are physically connected to obniz.

Obniz has 12 IO and WiFi-BLE module. It can be controlled through the APIs – REST or WebSocket API –  on obniz cloud. Not only simple IO on/off but also UART, I2C, BLE etc can be used by remotely controlling obniz via internet. All you need to do to connect obniz is to input unique ID by scanning QR code. Complicated processes are done by obniz and its cloud. You can just start programming in HTML, browser and circuit have already been integrated. If you write a program to collect sensor values , you can make a chart of the values easily.



In terms of hardware, every IO can drive up to 1A with overcorrect protection, therefore high current demanding devices such as motors can be directly connected to Obniz IO. GPIO and AD can be used on every IO. UART, SPI etc peripherals can be assigned to every IO. Even output voltage 3v/5v can be changed by software. Most electrical parts can be connected directly. Embedded parts such as switch, OLED display, and BLE are ready for use on program.



Here are some examples of DIY projects.

As obniz enables you to control things from anywhere, you can, for example, transform your smartphone into an air conditioner remote controller. By connecting temperature sensor to obniz as well, you can check the room temperature and turn on/ off your air conditioner even when you are not at home.




As obniz has IO which drives up to 1A, you can directly connect devices which require high  current such as motors. You do not need extra circuit. Here is, for example, a car controlled using the accelerometer of a smartphone.



Also, obniz can be easily integrated with other web services such as dropbox, open cv, twitter, slack etc. So you can create projects such as open cv drawing, moving a flag anytime you have got a comment on your twitter, uploading to or downloading from dropbox etc.



There are other projects like observing plants using JPEG camera photo streaming, link with Google home, feeling animals remotely etc.


Jpeg Serial Camera Image Streaming


Obniz API can be used in JavaScript, so programs written in JavaScript run on the webpage. For hardware engineers who do not have lots of experiences in programming, the company’s website provides lessons and various sample programmes. So, you can start various projects by just copy and paste.


The Japanese start-up raised funds through Kickstarter and started selling obniz in May 2018. Currently Obniz is available from its website or at amazon USA