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Create an automated LEGO train decoupler with Arduino

Create an automated LEGO train decoupler with Arduino

Next in the series of ongoing tutorials for the beginner from the Arduino LEGO Trains YouTube channel is a neat explanation of how to make an Arduino-controlled decoupling unit. This is a great idea as thanks to the strengh of the magnets in LEGO train couplers, decoupling can be a two-handed or difficult affair.

The system uses an motor to raise a bar which can block the reverse passage of a wagon – and as part of the automation system on this layout the use of a light sensor ensures it can only operate when the wagons are in the right spot. Although this project is specific to a certain track layout, it can be used in your own and offers some inspiration for your own layouts. Check out the video for the latest demonstration:


The sensors used in the demonstration can also be used for other applications, such trackside detection or adding collision-avoidance to other devices.