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Converting from Eagle to KiCad

Converting from Eagle to KiCad

lachlanA from has published a Eagle SCH/LIB to KiCad SCH/LIB ULP conversion script:

The following 5 ulp (eagle user script file) and one ulp include file, work together or stand alone to convert Eagle sch/pcb version 6.xx(7.xx maybe?) file(s) and any version of Eagle lib(lbr) to KiCad sch/pcb and lib/mod files.

The Programs will do


  • Eagle mulit sheet sch to KiCad mulit sheets.
  • Global and local net labels for mulit sheets.(This is a real nasty bit of hacking!)
  • Mulit part gate’s.
  • Build KiCad PCB modules and SCH libs from Eagle SCH.
  • Make project director to store all the converted files.
  • And basic error checking.
  • Eagle 6.xx PCB files can be directly import to KiCad.
  • Eagle LBR’s(any version of Eagel libs or size ) can be converted to KiCad lib/mod using eagle-lbr2kicad-1.0.ulp see
  • Eagle Lib conversion for more details.
  • Converts Via’s to Pads, which helps with KiCad’s flood fill, when Via’s have no connections.
  • Documents fill’s over SMD pad’s on Eagle Layer 155,156
  • Documents on layer’s 150,152,153,154 of (Eagle) the unconnected Via’s and tracks.
  • The examples director contains a number of converted sch’s/board’s.

Converting from Eagle to KiCad – [Link]