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Connecting your Computer to a Television

Connecting your Computer to a Television

It is a nasty surprise when you switch your monitor on and nothing appears on screen after a patient wait. Even though the resolution is much low, a television may help you to conduct basic procedures copying your files for example in such an emergency.
By putting all of the components on a PCB makes it easier to prepare a portable VGA to TV adapter. You’ll need a male VGA connector to be connected to your PC and a Scart connector for your TV. Six lines of cable goes from VGA Card to TV without any alteration, only three of them is needed to be connected to the PCB board. Here is a PCB design I suggest using. Download this TIFF file which is set to be printed at 300DPI. You may refer to my PCB design page to learn how to create your own PCB arts on the computer


Since circuit does not utilizes high currents, a very thin PCB plate would be enough. After drawing and etching processes, drill the holes and solder the components. Attach wires to the proper connection points and apply +5V supply voltage. If there’s nothing wrong, you should measure nearly 75 mA current drag for a 74LS86 low power Schottky TTL type IC and again nearly 100 mA current drag for a 74S86 type IC.

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