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Configuring Current Sharing on the ZL6105 and ZL8101

Configuring Current Sharing on the ZL6105 and ZL8101

This application note describes the features and setup procedure for the ZL6105 and ZL8101 digital DC controllers configured in current sharing groups. These products employ an inter-device communication Bus called the Digital-DC bus (DDC Bus). The DDC Bus enables Intersil Zilker Labs IC’s to exchange critical real-time telemetry to any device connected to the Bus. The DDC Bus enables advanced power management, fault management, sequencing, and many other features.


A current sharing group is comprised of 2 or more parallel converters operating at the same frequency, but interleaved in such a way to multiply the input and output ripple frequency by the number of paralleled phases. Paralleling converters in this manner has the added benefits of reducing the input filter stress, distributing the converter thermal load, reducing volume and weight and many other advantages