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Computer Controlled Frequency Counter or Logic Probe

Computer Controlled Frequency Counter or Logic Probe

This circuit is a stable frequency counter accurate to 5 significant digits. The range is 0 – 30MHz with an input sensitivity of greater then 100mV. The probe connects to the PC serial port.
To give accurate readings the Probe must be calibrated to your PC. A software calculates the constant error correction factor for the particular PC serial card the probe is to be used on. The frequency counter corrects for this slight constant error in crystal frequency by using the correction factor contained in PROBE.DAT. To calculate this correction factor, a reliable oscillator of known frequency (eg 2MHz Crystal Oscillator) is required. When CALIBRAT.EXE is run, the Probe will sample the frequency and then ask for the true frequency value in HZ. The frequency entered must be to 1 Hz accuracy (no decimal points) or an error will occur (for example “200123” not “200123.34” or “2003.421 kHz”). The program then calculates constant error correction factor and stores it to PROBE.DAT. Calibration is only necessary once.


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