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Compatibility of USB Power Sensors with Keysight Instruments

Compatibility of USB Power Sensors with Keysight Instruments

In many of today’s power measurement applications there is a need to make power measurements and use other instruments such as a spectrum analyzer, vector network analyzer or signal generator. Traditional power-measurement methodologies require a power meter and a power sensor. This situation increases the costs of a test system significantly. Alternatively, Keysight Technologies, Inc. USB power sensors can be used as an accessory with other Keysight instruments, allowing the power measurement to be done via Keysight instruments, and perform other specific power measurement applications without the need for a PC/laptop.


This application note explains how the Keysight USB power sensor performs source power calibration with the N5230A PNA-L, and scalar analysis of a frequency converter with the E5071C ENA vector network analyzer. The USB power sensors are able to augment the FieldFox handheld analyzer, N9340A handheld spectrum analyzer, and X-Series signal generator with a power meter function. Keysight USB sensor are also able to provide user flatness correction (UFC) with external leveling and automatically level RF power amplifier output as well as USB pass through commands using the X-Series signal generator.