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Cheap and Easy Digital Picture Frame

Cheap and Easy Digital Picture Frame

This is a homemade digital picture frame. The author has come up with the idea of using the particular lcd screen and digital photo viewer.
The particular screen I used was a 5″ Zenith lcd screen made to attach to the GameCube for people who enjoy playing high graphics videogames on small screens : ) The internals are identical to the Sony PSOne screen or the Zenith Xbox or Zenith PlayStation 2 screens of the same size.<
Before you even make the frame, it’s probably a good idea to get the internals working before you go flying into this project full-fledged. The connections are simple. Even if you have minor experience with soldering it’s easy. All you have to do is connect the video out from the viewer to video in on the screen (see picture), connect power to the screen and viewer, and make sure to connect the ground of the screen and viewer together. That’s it.
Mounting and housing the screen.
Attach the backing to the frame….This part was pretty simple and could be changed to fit whatever you think would work best. I basically got some cabinet hardware that has a little metal piece that slides in between two rollers in order to snap shut.
Putting it all together…..Not much to it – hot glue the relocated remote sensor, power switch, and power jack into place and we’re done.


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