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Car Dash Camera Mount

Car Dash Camera Mount

An inexpensive or CHEAP and efficient WORKING way of mounting a video camera to the dash of my car for recording purposes.Trace around your Camera taking note of all nooks and crannies
Take a sharp, Sharp exacto knife (Careful) and cut out the section where the camera is to fit.
also cut a round slot for a tube that you will see in an upcoming step/photo.
Take a chunk of non slip grippy mat stuff (Also available from Canadian Tire / Hardware store) and cut it however you want to fit on the underside of the sponge.
You can glue it if you want but I didn’t because it is already very non slippy… and grippy.
This is the tube I was talking about earlier.
This is the tube I was talking about earlier.
Insert the tube of Pennies (The Weight) into the penny tube slot..
Insert Camera in to the camera slot.
If you cut this right it should fit nice and snug.
Viewing screen is turned forward so we can see if I or we are in frame.
Cables for camera come from the back of the camera.
plugged it into the car outlet for unlimited power


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