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Building a flamethrower guitar with Genuino 101

Building a flamethrower guitar with Genuino 101

In support of the TBS show “America’s Greatest Makers,” YouTuber/plumber/stuntman/inventor Colin Furze recently took on the challenge of turning a bass guitar into a flamethrower with the help of a Genuino 101. Because after all, there’s nothing more metal than fire bursting as a rockstar shreds on-stage.

To bring this project life, Fruze added a pair of modified blow torches to the neck of the guitar and sawed off part of the instrument’s base to fit in the firing mechanisms. As you can see in his tutorial video below, the body is equipped with a gas reservoir on top, solenoid valves, a few switches, a gas supply to the blow torches, an inlet pipe, and some other components.


The Maker even converted his amp to house a gas tank, along with a speaker, the Genuino board and a relay shield that enables him to synchronize flames to certain musical patterns and sequences.

It goes without saying that you may not want to try this at home…