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Building a biquad antenna for wireless 802.11b

Building a biquad antenna for wireless 802.11b

Wireless 802.11b are becoming very popular these days, so are the art of extending the range of such devices. Most people when begin to know what is wireless networking and that it uses antennas to extend its range thougth on that old parabolic dish they used to watch TV. Surely it’s posible to use it for 2.4Ghz that is what 802.11b standard uses.

This is not a new design it’s only the way we build the antenna, our source of information is Trevor Marshall website so, go there for more detailed description.
We get the materials that we have at home to do it, so it’s a particular antenna.

N female panel type connector .
110mmx110mm aluminum plate it’s 2mm thick.
Piece of 1.2mm bare or enamelled copper wire 244 mm long.
A parabolic dish as big as you can found.


Where do we found these materials?
– Plate was cutted of an old 28800 external modem.
– Copper wire it’s from inside an PC AT power supply.
– N connector, we bought it.
– Parabolic dish, we found it beside a trash container, it’s diameter is about 660mm

This is a test, the biquad and a parabolic dish, we managed to connect to the pinedawireless node that was about 3 km away, it was tricky to position the biquad and the dish to target it rigth.
If you ask me how many db is this biquad antena, I don’t know but more than 20db (I think so)

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