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Build your own wireless receiver and transmitter device

Build your own wireless receiver and transmitter device

Use RF in your next embedded application design! The receiver and transmitter boards (RLP & TLP 315) are cheap RF modules manufactured by Laipac Technologies. A pair costs $11.95 at SparkFun Electronics. The frequency on which the receiver and transmitter pair works is 315 MHz, UHF (Ultra High Frequency) frequency range.

Schematic for the RF Project, I made only one schematic instead of two to save space (of course the TLP and RLP RF modules are connected to supply voltage as well even if it is now shown on the schematic)

In the datasheet I read the speed can go up to 2400 baud, however I could get it only working up to 1200 baud. In telecommunications and electronics, baud is a measure of the “signaling rate” which is the number of changes to the transmission media per second in a modulated signal. It is named after Émile Baudot, the inventor of the Baudot code for telegraphy. For example: 250 baud means that 250 signals are transmitted in one second. If each signal carries 4 bits of information then in each second 1000 bits are transmitted. This is abbreviated as 1000 bit/s (this baud part was taken from Wikipedia).


Analyzing the received and transmitted signal on my HAMEG Oscilloscope

I used two ATMega32 microcontrollers, you can use any other with hardware USART (Universal Synchronous Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) capabilities however I have few of them laying on my table. I had some problems with GNU C and CodeVision C to receive data over the USART so I found an example code in assembler how to transmit and receive data over the USART

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