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Build a solar iPod charger

Build a solar iPod charger

Here is an iPod solar charger that weighs approx 2 and half oz and provides 150mA current at 5 volt dc. Enough power source to charge your device on the go.
I looked everywhere for a lightweight solar iPod charger. Nothing fancy, just something I could attach to the top of my backpack. I couldn’t find one anywhere, I couldn’t even find instructions on how to build one. So, I set about building one for myself. As this was all about getting very light materials, this set-up is very simple but the charger has no protection from branches, rain, or marmots. Also, understand that I am not an engineer. I have attempted to safely mimmic the power from a USB connections. Namely, 5VDC and less than 500mA. But, this could destroy your iPod, create a rift in space-time or bring about the end of the world. It’s your call, baby. I’m just saying this is how I did it.


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