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Build a Basic Stamp Lightning Activity Monitor

Build a Basic Stamp Lightning Activity Monitor

Uses a Basic Stamp 2 to display the number of lightning strikes per minute on a row of 8 LEDs. Depending on the mounting configuration, the lightning sensor is capable of detecting lightning strikes greater than 50 miles away.

The strikes-per-minute method allows the users to not only determine the magnitude of the lightning activity, but also if the storm is approaching or traveling away. By monitoring the LEDs, increasing values indicate that the storms getting closer, while decreasing values (LEDs) indicate the storm is moving away.


A typical lightning stroke can contain many individual flashes. This is why lightning sometimes appears to flicker. The lightning sensor design used in this project is highly sensitive and will detect each flash in a stroke. This may be noticeable when visually comparing lightning activity with the Lightning Activity Monitor. We have registered as many as 22 detects for a single lightning flash.

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