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Best Bluetooth Audio Amplifier in the 50-Watt range

Best Bluetooth Audio Amplifier in the 50-Watt range


As the time progresses, more and more people are using the mobiles and laptops to play sound. Music services like Pandora, Spotify, etc. helps in increasing the use of wireless technology. Yes, there are many ways to stream the sound at your home, office or any place you want, but having the portability is not enough to be a best sound broadcasting device. A great Bluetooth amplifier will not only stream the music but also will sound the way you want.

Before going to the list of the top-quality 50 watt Bluetooth Amplifiers, let us provide you some information about the working and uses of them and what you need to consider before buying one.


What exactly is a Bluetooth Audio Amplifier?

You may know that an amplifier helps to boost the sound quality and range from a wireless enabled device. A Bluetooth amplifier is a portable device which works as a bridge between a mobile device and a sound system. The Bluetooth amplifiers come in a variety of voltage and range. You can connect one with your NFC-enabled stereo system and the installation will be done in no time with just a press of the button. If you wish to connect it with a non-NFC device, then also it will become a task like tethering with a hotspot connection.


How will a Bluetooth Amplifier help you?

If you have a music device which has slow speakers or its range is limited to a very less area, then in such situations, a Bluetooth enabled amplifier will help you. It will boost the range and quality of the sound. It lets you move freely around your home and enjoy the wireless music streaming. Though you can use portable sound systems for this, but they will become an expensive option to choose and sometimes become absolutely unnecessary. On the other hand, a Bluetooth Amplifier is an affordable and useful option to have.

A Bluetooth amplifier establishes a short-range connection between two wireless devices. It also transfers an audio signal from a handheld device to a mobile headset. In short, the Bluetooth Amplifier is useful to you in many ways.


Things to consider before buying a Bluetooth Amplifier.



  1. Before purchasing a best-quality 50 watt amplifier, you need to check certain things. Take a look at the below points to assure a hassle-free buying
  2. The budget of your purchase
  3. Do you want it for it a HiFi system or just will be playing with speakers
  4. Are you a long time listener of music or only randomly play songs for some time
  5. Whether you are a knowledgeable person of wireless systems or just want a plug-n-play device
  6. Does the sound quality matters to you
  7. Do you need a good looking amplifying device or the work is more important than the visual impact
  8. What’s an ideal place to you while you listen to music means the average distance you place your stereo systems
  9. The amplifier you are going to buy is just for a single device or you may think to hook it up with multiple devices
  10. How loud you will be playing the music


Now, let’s check the reviews of the best 50 Watt Amplifiers below:



1. INSMA TDA7492P 2 x 50 Watt Dual Channel Bluetooth Amplifier


The INSMA TDA7492P wireless Bluetooth amplifier comes with two 50 Watt dual channels to provide you quality sound out of your device. It is powered by DC power supply of 825V in a 2.1 interface.



  • It provides a great sound quality
  • High power output
  • You can connect it with various Bluetooth versions
  • You can adjust the dip switches to gain more respect
  • Great for small speakers



  • It gives noticeable static performance sometimes
  • The channels gives output of 25W instead of 50W in some cases



This is the cheapest amplifier in this list. But that does not mean it gives performance that is not desired. It has given perfect sound quality and power in various tests. Bluetooth capability makes this amplifier even more choice-able compared to other amplifier board. I wonder with so many capabilities and high class features, it is still available at such a low price, and that is the only thing which is questionable.


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