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Balance BOT

Balance BOT

Make an amazing 2 wheeler balancing robot in less than 2 hours,based robot on vahid you2004s instructable balancing Robot. But decided to show you some pictures and videos i took of my robot,If you want to make it and need a more detailed description of how to make it check out the Balancing Robot instructable
What you’ll need
-Gears-salvaged mine from a toy car
-Wheels and shaft to attach them to
-AA battery holder
-SPDT switch(with a metal lever), couldn’t buy one anywhere close to where I live so I had to improvise
-button cell
-on/off switch
-small nail(used to hold gear in the gearbox arrangement)
-4 AA batteries(I recommend rechargeable ones)
-heatshrink tubing
-rectangular plastic or metal piece(to mount battery holders onto.)


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