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Automatic Accident Alarm( AAA)

Automatic Accident Alarm( AAA)
The high demand of automobiles has also increased the traffic hazards and the road accidents. Life of the people is under high risk. This is because of the lack of best emergency facilities available in our country.

How the device works: 
This design is a system which can detect accidents in significantly less time and sends the basic information to first aid center within a few seconds covering geographical.
 This alert message is sent to the rescue team in a short time, which will help in saving the valuable lives. When the accident occurs the alert message is sent automatically  to the police station. The message is
sent through the GSM module and the location of the accident is detected with the help of the GPS module. The accident can be detected precisely with the help sensors and some components.
This application provides the optimum solution to poor emergency facilities provided to the roads accidents in the most feasible way.
The advent of technology has increased the traffic hazards and the road accidents take place frequently which causes huge loss of life and property because of the poor emergency facilities. Our project will provide an optimum solution to this draw back.
It can be used as a crash or rollover detector of the vehicle during and after a crash. With signals from an accelerometer, a severe accident can
be recognized. According to this project when a vehicle meets with an accident immediately sensors will detects the signal and sends it to Arduino. Arduino sends the alert message through the GSM MODEM including the location to police control room or a rescue team. So the police can immediately trace the location through the GPS MODEM.


This project provide  basic data such as:
Human temperature.
heart beats.
Co2 percentage on the air using CO2 sensor.
Car location .
after receiving the information. Then after conforming the location necessary action will be taken. If the person meets with a small accident or if there is no serious threat to anyone`s life, then the alert message can be terminated by the driver by a switch provided in order to avoid wasting the valuable time of the medical rescue team.

Components :
1- GSM /GPRS/GPS  Sim908
2-Temperature sensor
3-Pulse sensors
4-CO2 sensor
5-Arduino Uno 
6-Car model 
7-Bluetooth model (Hc-05)
8-Dc motors 
11- Android application

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