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Automated  Bottle Line 

Automated  Bottle Line 
Nowadays, the application of PLC is widely known and use in this digital world PLC’s application is obviously applied at the industrial sector. Normally, the PLC’s that have been used at the industrial field is usually to control a mechanical movement either of the machine or heavy machine in order to create an efficient production and accurate signal processing. In this project, a discussion about PLC application will be explained in more details and specified. 
 For this project ALLEN PLC is used, which act as heart of the system and is programmed using Ladder programming. During this project sensor has been used to detect the bottle position that move along the conveyor belt at the low speed while the machine operates. The input signal that has been sent from the sensor to the PLC has being made as a reference. Signal in order to determine the output signal that exactly a same with the PLC programming language based on the user requirement.


The processes in this project:
1-Tracking the bottles
2-Utilizing the Boolean Data
3-Boxing the Broken Bottles
4- Fill and Cap the Bottles
5-Tracking the Production Numbers

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