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Atmel Retrokit SAM D Edition

Atmel Retrokit SAM D Edition

Dan Watson has published a new build, the Retrokit SAM D Edition board:

I created a 2016 re-design of the Retrokit that uses the Atmel SAM D09 microcontroller. This is an excellent 32-bit device that comes in a SOIC package, making it easy to solder. I mimicked the board size and layout of the first Retrokit as closely as possible. The four LEDs are meant to show a comparison in speed between the 32-bit SAM D device, the 16-bit ATxmega, the 8-bit AVR, and the 8-bit PIC microcontroller. There are a lot of devices to select from in each of those families, and if we wanted to be really picky, I could have even chosen a PIC that blew away the little SAM D09. However, I chose representative devices in each category that also demonstrate the development of microcontroller technology over time, from the older PIC 16F series to the modern 32-bit SAM Ds.


Project info at The Sync Channel blog.

Check out the video after the break.