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Apple ipod headphone hack

Apple ipod headphone hack

In this instructable the author will show how to hack a stock apple headphone into a adapter lead. This will let you be able to plug any headphone you like into your apple ipod i touch. As well be able to plug you favorite headphone. He has added a addition socket, so your friend can listen to your music as well. This mod can be apply to any headphone that has a dedicated plug for that device.
1. apple headphone or headphone that work with your ipod
2. two 3.5mm inline stereo sockets
1. sidecutter
2. solder iron
3. multimeter
You can use any socket you like, so if you like the old large headphones use 6.5mm stereo inline socket.
1. Cut your apple headphones ear buds off. Now strip the cable to expose the cores inside.
You will need to find which core goes to ground, which goes to L and R channels. These important to maintain the correct stereo sound out of our headphones.
2. First tin the cores with the solder iron, this will make it easy to get a good readings with your multimeter.
3. Set the multimeter to ohms scale. There are four cores in total Green (Left channel), Red (Right channel) and the two grounds: copper, green and red. To make sure you got the right core place one lead of the multimeter onto the tin core and the other to the plug. Check all cores to the tip and the two rings of the plug. If get it correct the multimeter should read 0.00 ohm or beep.
If you want to add that second socket just cut your lead into two pieces. One will have a stereo socket and the other will have the apple plug. Then you follow steps:
1. Tin your cores of your apple cable and your socket cable
2. Twist the four ground cables and two left and right channels
3. Tin the four ground cables and two left and right channels
4. Solder theses cables to that additional socket
5. Then simply screw on the cover over the terminals.
Final and most important step is to check there is no shorts between left and right channels, then left channel to ground and right channel to ground. Using your multimeter on ohm scale. Once you have done that you are ready to try them out.


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