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“Aero Twist” Portable Bluetooth Speaker

“Aero Twist” Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Designed by Kateryna Sokolova of Sokolova Design, this multifunctional and light-weight Bluetooth speaker won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2015. Aero Twist is available in seven colors from Jarre Technologies. It has a unique rotary mechanism which can rotate halfway like a hinge, and so you can attach this to anything like your handbag, bicycle, drawer handle or even perhaps from your jeans belt. This is so flexible.

The legendary French musician, Jean Michel Jarre, who is also the founder of the company Jarre Technologies, has perfected this speaker so that it emits the purest music from such a marvellous design.

It has integrated rechargeable battery that can run up to 10 hours from a single charge and supports A2DP technology. You can even use this as a speakerphone when connected to your cellphone.

Although a bit on the higher side, this AeroTwist weighs a little less than one kg with it’s four inbuilt finely crafted speaker sets each delivering up to 4.5 Watts R.M.S. power.


AeroTwist 2


AeroTwist 3



AeroTwist Hinge


AeroTwist Ring Shape


AeroTwist Multicolor


All photo credits: Kateryna Sokolova and Jarre Technologies.