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Adding an External Antenna To Your WiFi

Adding an External Antenna To Your WiFi

In this tutorial, Seth Fogie illustrates how you can upgrade your WiFis wireless presence via the use of a bigger and more powerful external antenna.
The Nintendo Wii is an internet appliance as much as it is a console, which means it needs an internet connection to fully realize it’s potential. But what if your Wii is nowhere near your network drop? Or if it’s too far away from your wireless access point?

While we appreciate what Nintendo did to help Wii owners get the strongest wireless connection possible, we wanted to see if adding an external 5.5dBi antenna would increase the signal strength. Given that the internal cards are rated to increase the signal a mere 1.8dBi, adding an external antenna should boost the signal significantly.


To do this, we had to first take the Wii apart. Once you have taken apart the Wii, you will be able to remove the WNIC by simply lifting it off the motherboard. Watch the heat transfer goop on the card, as it will easily come off and get on your fingers, clothes, etc. Once the card is removed, flip it over and remove the external antennas. These will pop off the U.FL connectors with a bit of pressure. Be careful when removing the antennas because there is a pin in the connector that can be easily damaged.

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