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A two-wheel robot to move across floor

A two-wheel robot to move across floor

Simple robot called Mazer, It has wheels and it can move. Based on a PIC microcontroller, it works great! And you can hassle your cat by driving the robot ’round the kitchen.
This tutorial will show you how to assemble a small robot controlled by a PIC 16F88 that uses a Pololu chassis and Pulse Width Modulation techniques for controlling motor speeds.

The Mazer robot uses a 203:1 gear ratio. This means for every 203 turns of the motors, the wheels turn only once…It’s like building a model airplane … it took about an hour to get the chassis assembled.

The main chip is the 16F88 running the Bloader boot loading system…The PIC just talks to the H-Bridge, while the H-Bridge is the chip actually responsible for driving the motors.

…It’s a fully contained solution, all you have to do is to communicate to it via a serial link. The unit is based on Sanyo LB1836 DC motor driver in a handy surface mount package. LB1836 can handle up to 1A per motor and has internal thermal-shutdown feature that keeps it from destroying itself.


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