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A new transceiver at N6QW, part 2

A new transceiver at N6QW, part 2

Pete Juliano, N6QW, has been working on a transceiver project. He writes:


Today we complete most of the mechanical work and the only item remaining is the RC Filter to turn the Square Waves into Sine Waves for the tune signal. We have had it on the air in the current box as you always worry that even though it worked on the bench there is always a danger it won’t work in the box.
This rig has a lot of soul as some of the boards were used in the 30M CW transceiver and then moved over to the LBS on the bread board and now this radio. The main tuning knob was purchased in St Louis some 20 years ago and now is now controlling the encoder.
Just in case you are wondering this is not a BITX design but does use bilateral amplifiers originally designed by Plessey. The driver stage is from EMRFD and the intermediate bi-directional amp is my own design as is the 40M Band Pass Filter and the microphone amp. The Low Pass Filter is from W3NQN.

Project info at N6QW blog.