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A moving sculpture made from paper

A moving sculpture made from paper

As you turn this little paper sculpture inside-out, it changes colors. First yellow, then blue, then red, then green, and then yellow again. You can keep turning it inside-out, cycling the colors, as long as you like.
Known as a Kaleidocycle, or Flexahedron, the toy was invented years ago by a bored mathematics student. It goes together quickly, and can keep you happily fidgeting with it for hours. Best of all, it’s free.


The first step after cutting out the colored pattern, is to fold it carefully along the lines that separate the colors, and along the lines that connect the points of the diamonds. Some of the folds will eventually go inwards, and some outwards, but in this step we are folding the paper back and forth both ways, and creasing the paper well.

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