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A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photography: DSLR Vs Phone Camera

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photography: DSLR Vs Phone Camera

Advantages of Smartphone Camera

  • They are lightweight and can fit in your pockets quickly.
  • They are easy to use.
  • You can transfer or share the clicked pictures immediately, anytime and anywhere!
  • You can easily upload or download them online.
  • Here, the pictures can be edited easily. Either you can use the inbuilt effect settings or some editing apps, as there are many apps available on play store, windows, apple store or the cloud.
  • Cell Phones are capable of efficiently shooting Slow-Mo and Time-Lapse, as well as you can create smooth panorama images with the more extensive and broader view.
  • Small children can also use smartphones and click images. Phone cameras are not at all complicated and amazingly friendly.
  • To shoot videos on the phone is also simpler as compared to digital cameras.

Flower With Smartphone

Advantages of Digital Camera

  • The interchangeable lenses (50”, 250”, 750”, etc.) give you more options to click amazing shots.
  • You can get the benefit of zooming the lenses which can offer you the ability to shoot the object which is far away or the tiniest object like an ant from the closer!
  • The overall image quality is superior as compared to the phone camera.
  • DSLR gives the ability to have artistic control over all the manual settings, especially the exposure, aperture, and shutter speed.
  • It also provides more options for shooting in low-light situations, where the cell phone cameras do not work.
  • DSLR offers larger image file-size, so after clicking the image, if you crop it after zooming, it will not stretch and lose its essence or quality.
  • It will provide the higher resolution pictures and more detailed photographs, better dynamic range, and color accuracy.
  • Faster shutter speed helps you to capture moving images. Such features can help you to get a perfect click of some ongoing/running actions or sports.
  • The digital cameras also provide the chances to enhance a variety of accessories.


Tips & Final Thoughts

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