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A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photography: DSLR Vs Phone Camera

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photography: DSLR Vs Phone Camera

DSLR Vs. Smartphone

Just like the DSLR cameras, smartphone cameras are becoming smarter. Dual camera technology in a simple word defined as a phone with two cameras by which more precise images can be captured.

1) Bokeh

By using this feature, you can also click bokeh effect images. It allows the ordinary people to take as good quality photographs as a professional camera can capture!

2) Selfies

One more advantage of having a good phone camera is ‘SELFIES.’ We all know that selfies are trending, and with the DSLR, it becomes quite uncomfortable. Smartphones can give instant results. There are many fantastic & useful apps available on the internet.

3) Filters

Because of some crazy fun apps, you can create amazing stories adding filters. Just click the picture, add an effect or filters, and post it! Isn’t that simple? But not a case in Digital cameras. Digital cameras have manual settings to play with them, and we can get desired effects only after putting lots of efforts, which isn’t easy for non-professional photographers.

4) Moving Objects

There are very few disadvantages of phone cameras. One is that we can’t click well when the object is moving. It will go blur! Plus, we have to keep the phone steady while clicking, because if phone shakes, then also the image will go blur. These issues are avoidable in DSLR, as it has many features available, which helps us to take clear pictures of the objects, even if they are moving! Kudos for that.

5) Technology

Day by day the phone camera technology is increasing and letting ordinary people use their smartphones just like a professional photographer! By seeing vast differences in technology, I think after few years most of the people will start using their phones to capture the photos/videos and not purchase any professional cameras.

On the other hand, camera technology will also improve, and they will become even cheaper. It will be up to us where these technologies take us and our mindsets. After all, everything depends on our needs and wishes as well as status. We just have to wait and watch.



Sunset With DSLR

Sunset With Smartphone

6) Picture Quality

Now if we talk about the DSLRs, there comes the thoughts about the quality of the picture. Generally, mobiles do not give that much clarity. There are some excellent mobile companies which provide some best features of the advanced camera, and even you can set all the PRO settings into your phone camera, but still, some parameters are naturally lacking. So again it arises a confusion to have a professional camera or not!

7) Zooming Ability

By using a different kind of lens in DSLR, we can be able to get the objects captured which is far away from the zooming capacity of professional cameras is mind-blowing. We can also get macro images of the objects which might not be visible on mobile phone cameras.

8) Night Trails

Talking about the photography, how can we forget the night trails!!! This is something which we just can’t capture by our phones. We have to use a tripod and settle the camera for the whole night. If you want some fantastic and beautiful night trail photography, DSLR is your real friend, and phone camera is a big no-no!

So basically, if you are a professional like a YouTuber, Photographer and something similar, you should undoubtedly prefer Digital Cameras, because the smartphone camera has certain limits and we can’t deny or ignore that. Such cameras are just unable to capture beyond its limit.


Things To Remember

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