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A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photography: DSLR Vs Phone Camera

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photography: DSLR Vs Phone Camera

Why Choose Phone Camera?

  • It’s not possible to roam around everywhere with the DSLR to get the clicks. If you are a professional, and you earn by your photography, then dude, you have no other options. But if you are a tourist or traveler, it is always better not to take cameras with you as you have to take care of it everywhere.
  • You have to save it from water, excessive sunlight, scratches, and what not! And trust me, it is quite annoying sometimes.
  • DSLR and its lenses are bulky to carry everywhere. If you are a minimalist, then it will be a headache for you.
  • Using smartphones to click the pictures becomes much more comfortable.  We are taking the phone with us everywhere even if in the college, office, beach, mountains or any other adventure spots. It is must and unavoidable. So, why to take the extra load?
  • Cell phones are a blessing. You can get chances to click any kind of picture anywhere. You can click fast, don’t need to set aperture, shutter speed, or ISO. Just open your camera app and tick tick, that’s all!

Apart from these reasons, in the case of DSLR, it is essential to know how to use it. I have seen many people having some simple cell phones click better pictures than the people owning a DSLR.


Night Mode Image With Smartphone

The Ease of Cellphones One Couldn’t Miss

Photography is also a communication medium which helps us to circulate any information through photos. In this era of social networking sites, a picture can be shared with the world in just a few seconds. This process becomes comfortable with the smartphone. In the case of DSLR, you have to transfer the pictures into laptop or phone, and then you can share them, which takes time.

Photography Like a Pro

Nowadays, phone technology is improving amazingly. Some phones have smart features to adjust picture settings manually. Of course, not up to the level we can do in the professional cameras, but it is sufficient. By using such amazing features, you can do street photography, nature, and landscape photography, even click some excellent portraits.

Moreover, now there is another new technology in smartphones called ‘Dual Camera.’ It’s not a new concept, HTC introduced it way back in 2011, but it wasn’t that popular that time and many companies are working on Dual Camera Smartphones. I have One Plus Five, and you can see these images clicked on One Plus.


DSLR Vs. Smartphone

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