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A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photography: DSLR Vs Phone Camera

A Beginner’s Guide to Digital Photography: DSLR Vs Phone Camera

‘Don’t’ Go With The Flow

There are many types of cameras available in the market, and each camera has its unique features of clicking photographs. But here the thing is, we always believe what our friends or colleagues suggest us about the camera. Many of the times, we just read about few specifications and buy the camera, without understanding the actual science behind it. Again, we go with the hype and try to sail the boat.

I believe that choosing the best type of camera is depend on your needs and profession. It also depends on your perceptions and timing of the capture. Look at the view and frame it in your mind first. Imagine the image, live the picture, and just click. Yes, the lighting makes sense, so take care of it a bit. But ultimately, how you capture the image is that which makes all the difference.


Common People Votes

The people like me and I always give votes to the mobile cameras. Most of the time and most of us don’t need professional and up to the mark photographs. We just want to capture the moment, and for that, there is no need the DSLR all the time. It is not feasible also.

But, there is a myth in people’s mind that the photography can only be done by a professional camera and not by the phone camera. It’s evident that with a DSLR if framing is excellent and the angle is correct, we can take amazing shots. But, if we capture the same from a phone camera which has some right pixels and better lenses, we can get a good shot too!


Why Choose Phone Camera?

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