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915 MHz Microstrip Antenna

915 MHz Microstrip Antenna

A 915 MHz microstrip antenna will be designed, constructed, and measured-tested. The microstrip elements will be a quarter of a wavelength at the design frequency. Quarter-wave microstrip antenna theory will be discussed. The antenna will consist of two microstrip elements in a phased array.
Antenna array theory will be touched upon with respect to beam steering. PCAAD 3.0 will be used to determine the inset feed length of a microstrip patch antenna required for a good impedance match.Formulas are given, so other frequencies can be accommodated. Agilent?s Advanced Design System and Momentum will be used to simulate and layout the design. Simulation methods will be introduced as they apply to this design. The testing and measurement methods that were used will be discussed. Both, simulated and measured data will be compared and contrasted. Recommendations for improvement on the existing design will be given.


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