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9 Good Budget Motherboards for your Turbo Charged Gaming PCs

9 Good Budget Motherboards for your Turbo Charged Gaming PCs


When we talk about a gaming PC, the first thing in our mind comes is the ‘Graphics Card. (Read How to chose Best Graphics Card for your PC here).


Generally, people have thought that for getting the best gaming experience, the best graphics card is needed. This is true, but only when the graphics card you have, must be supporting to the other CPU accessories like motherboards, RAMs, etc. All these components are too important as a graphics card. But, sometimes getting the best motherboard in the market can break your pockets too.


Not all people can afford or want to spend a lot of money on the particulars components just for gaming. They needed some budget solution which helps them to enjoy the gaming without any hassle. To help out such people, we have researched for hours and created this list of the gaming motherboards which come at an affordable price. Let’s take a look at the ’9 Budget Motherboards for Gaming PCs’ below.


Why should you buy a good motherboard for a gaming PC?


The motherboard is an important component of a PC just like the graphics card, processor, RAM, etc. In a recent ad on TV, I have seen a child was asking his mother that, ‘why the computers are so intelligent and powerful?’ His mother replied, ‘Because they hear and obey their Motherboards.’ And this thing is true for sure.


A motherboard is a fundamental thing which tells you what you can run on your PC. The hardware setup of your PC depends on the motherboard because it is the one component depending on which the body of the CPU is chosen and set. And having a top-class gaming experience, the essential thing is to get a good-quality motherboard and then go for the other compatible components.


Things to consider while buying a gaming motherboard


There are four main things you should remember and take into account while buying a motherboard for a gaming PC; cost, size, durability, and future-resistance. Some cheap motherboards like an Intel H81, AMD 760G board, etc. can give you a high-class experience of gaming just like a top-priced AMD 990FX, Intel Z170, etc. The main difference between them is the change of the frame rates per second which can be neglected if you play games that need only a single graphics card functionality. You should consider the next 3-4 years of your usage. If you will be going to get the second graphics card or will be needing the overclocking of the processor, then these cheaply priced options will not help.


Check how many expansion slots and USB ports are available on the motherboard. If the onboard sound is not enough, then the motherboard should have a slot for placing an external sound card on it. Will the motherboard support overclock and can you plug all your devices to it? Consider these all things when buying the best motherboard for your gaming PC.


Now, let’s go to our list of the 9 Best Budget Gaming Motherboards.



1.) MSI Gaming Intel Skylake H110M LGA Micro ATX Gaming Motherboard


The MSI Intel Skylake H110M motherboard is designed especially for the gaming PCs. It has a DDR4 boost technology with optimized traces and isolated memory circuits. Though it has not support for the older Windows OS versions like Windows 7, it is a good option for gaming PC builders.





  • Available at very affordable price
  • Easy to understand manual, so even beginners can set it up without any difficulty
  • Comes with some military class 4 components dark choke, solid cap, etc. to give a better power efficiency and durable performance
  • It does not require any power or signal cables
  • Convenient storage slots for placing HDDs and even SSDS




  • It does not support the Windows 7 OS
  • Sometimes it comes with non-updated BIOs
  • Poor customer support experience




The MSI Intel Skylake H110M Micro ATX Gaming Motherboard is perfect for the budget-friendly PC building.


2) GIGABYTE LGA1151 Intel H170 Micro ATX GA-H170M-D3H Motherboard for Gaming PCs



The GA-H170M-D3H from Gigabyte is spacious motherboard which comes with an ease-of-access to some connectors. It has a USB 3.1 Type-C connector which makes it unique in its category.


  • The 8-channel HD audio comes with top-quality audio capacitors
  • The USB 3.1 has a pair of PCIe Generation3 lanes which give a throughput of up to 16GBps
  • The included M.2 connector has the compatibility to both PCIe and SATA
  • Super speed over wireless and Bluetooth connections
  • Most probably it is the only motherboard with two USB 3.0 connectors
  • The support to the 7/8th gen Intel Core Processors allows it to be compatible with multiple graphics cards



  • It only supports DDR4
  • Limited fan headers and BIOS
  • It does not have diagnostic or display LEDs




The GIGABYTE LGA1151 Intel H170 Micro ATX GA-H170M-D3H Motherboard is a pro-quality motherboard for gaming PCs despite its large size.


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