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82573 NVM Map and Programming Information Guide

82573 NVM Map and Programming Information Guide

This document covers programming information for the Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) of the Intel® 82573. For purposes of this document, 82573 refers to the 82573E, 82573V and 82573L, unless otherwise stated.

The Intel® 82573 requires non-volatile content for device configuration, log events and firmware extensions. The NVM might contain the following four main regions:

  • LAN Configuration Space for Hardware.


    • This area is accessed by hardware and loaded by the 82573 after power-up, PCI reset de-assertion, D3 to D0 transition, or software commanded EEPROM reset (CTRL_EXT.EE_RST).
  • Firmware Space.
    • This space is accessed by the 82573E/V in Alert Standard Format (ASF) mode or by the 82573E in Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT) mode. In ASF mode, the 82573E/V loads the data following power-up, ASF soft reset (ASF FRC_RST), or software commanded ASF EEPROM read (ASF FRC_EELD). In Intel® AMT mode, this space is protected against software access, and the firmware might access it at any time.
  • LAN Configuration Space for Software.
    • This space is used by software only. Register descriptions are listed here as a convention for the software only and are ignored by the 82573.
  • Boot Expansion Space.
    • This is accessed by software and is used by the BIOS at boot time.