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80GB Zune Harddrive upgrade

80GB Zune Harddrive upgrade

This Modification will guide you though the process of upgrading your Zune hard drive to a new 40, 60, or 80gb hard disk. The Mod is simple enough, it requires no special tools except a screwdriver, a scissors and one of the Toshiba Hard Drive.
Use a flathead screwdriver, or some other small prying object to remove the bottom panel that covers the outside of the charging port.

Once the cover is removed you will see two very small phillips screws holding the case together. Remove those, but be careful not to strip them because that will make reassembly much more difficult. Also be careful not to lose the very small screws, as they can be easily lost.

Use a flathead screwdriver (or some other prying object) to pry apart the case. Start at the bottom of your Zune and work your way to the top. The case will appear to hinge at the top, but just wiggle it a little and it should come apart fairly easily.


Unplug the both of the ribbon cables, pull up the the brown piece that secures the ribbons and pull them out of the plugs. Unscrew the small screws found at the bottom of the hard drive enclosure. Make sure to place them apart from the other screws we took out earlier, as they are slightly longer.

Remove the hard drive enclosure from the Zune mainboard, you will need to remove 3 stickers (one on each side, and one up near the battery). Lay your hard drive. Then remove the hard drive from the drive enclosure, do this by removing the stickers that hold it into place and pull it right out.

(ONLY FOR 60 OR 80GB DRIVES) Now, take your new Hard drive and pull the protective casing on the label side of the case of using your fingernails. It should be easily removed, but be careful not to damage your new drive.

If you are adding an 80GB drive than we wont be reusing the hard drive casing. Unfortunately for you 80GB people you will need to make one more little modification, you will need to cut the middle area off of those rubber drive spacers before reconnecting the drive.

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